Maintenance Plans

Announcing Lionheart WordPress Maintenance Packages

WordPress is a wonderful CMS tool, and as such, is rapidly becoming the most popular website platform on the Internet.  Because of it’s popularity, it’s also a target for hackers who want to exploit other people’s sites for profit by injecting their own code through a vulnerable plugin or WordPress security hole.  For this reason, WordPress releases regular updates to it’s core, and so do many plugin developers.  This helps keep the doors closed to those despicable hackers who are always looking for ways to make our lives miserable.

click for a full-size version and upgrade flowchart

Thus, it is important to keep your WordPress core and all plugins updated, keep your site backed up in case a security issue arises, and regularly scan your site for any abnormal code.  The problem is, not all plugins get along, and sometimes they break when new WordPress updates are installed.  Some of our clients have inadvertently broken their sites by simply pressing the upgrade button in their WordPress admin panel.  The damage can range from broken graphics and page layout issues to a site that is completely unusable.

If you click on the graphic above, you’ll see an infographic to show you the upgrade process. (just close the window to return here)

As you can see, upgrading your WordPress site requires a certain level of technical expertise and troubleshooting experience to keep things running smoothly.  While you can learn how to do this yourself, most of our clients really don’t have the time nor desire to become WordPress technical gurus.  To that end, Lionheart is launching our new WordPress Maintenance Plans.

We would encourage you to sign up for the plan that best suits your needs and rest in the confidence that your website, a valuable business asset, is properly protected and can be restored in the event of a security problem.

Pick your plan:

Pay As You Go

$150 per upgrade

Schedule an update with us when you need one. Services include:

• Backup WP Database Backup to server
• Upgrade WP Core Bring Wordpress up to date
• Upgrade plugins* (*some upgrades may not apply)
• Broken link scan and report Locate broken links, repair if possible, notify client.
• Check to ensure site functionality Verify upgrade was successful
• Additional Support/Consulting $100/hr. upon request

If you have any questions about our maintenance plans, please contact us.