Product Photography is not just a web designweb hosting and Internet marketing firm. We endeavor to provide our clients with all the supporting services they need to be successful online. One of those services is specialized photography.

Scientific studies reveal that your site visitors begin to make evaluations of your business within milliseconds of landing on your website. This means your site graphics need to be the highest quality to achieve the most favorable impression possible from the moment they land on your page.

We encourage the use of professional stock photography wherever possible for your site pictures. However, there is often a need for custom photography.

The digital camera revolution has made excellent photographic technology very affordable and within reach for most people. Point and shoot cameras make taking photos very easy. However, there is a significant difference between pictures and professionally produced photographs. Lighting, composition, focus and shutter speeds all play a role in the final result. With some study, practice and the right tools, most people can learn to take decent photos.

For those who desire professional photos of their products, staff, or facilities, we offer product photography services in the Tampa Bay region. We have the professional tools and skills to create stunning photographs made to order. Our pricing is very competitive and we think you’ll agree. Call us for more information about our custom photography services.

To see more examples of our work, visit Lionheart Galleries –Richard Carey’s personal photo gallery.