How do I set up my Lionheart email addresses?

First, you must create them in your cPanel under Mail, Email Accounts.  If you do not know your cPanel access codes, please contact us.  Once we provide you with this information, please SAVE IT in a safe place so you can always have access to your cPanel.  It will save you and us a lot of frustration.

First you create the username and the password.  Make SURE you use STRONG passwords, which means you should use at least 8 characters, and include a mixture of letters, numbers, UPPER and lower case and symbols.  There is a meter that tells you how strong your password is.  This is important because if your email account gets hacked, your IP address can get blacklisted, your email can stop working, and your website may even get compromised (not to mention your bank accounts, etc.)

You will also need to set the quota.  You have a limited amount of  hosting space, so you’ll want to use your email space wisely (we can always sell you more if you need it).  The default is 50 MB.  This may be too small for some users who may not check their email daily, or if they receive a lot of large attachments.  If you are going to use IMAP, you’ll definitely need more space – at least 100MB or 200MB per account.  You can always adjust this later, and the server will send you a warning when you are nearing your quota.  If you go over quota, your email will start bouncing until you either log in and remove some messages from the server, or log in to cPanel and increase your quota (be careful not to go over your hosting limit).  If you set a box to unlimited, you run the risk of taking your website down if your email account takes up all your space, so make sure you set a reasonable limit for each box.

Here’s a short video to explain the differences between POP3 and IMAP:

Once it’s set up on the server, you can begin using it immediately.  You can access your emails using our webmail system, or your favorite email client (Outlook, Mail.app, etc.).

To use webmail, you simply go to http://insert-your-domain-name-here/webmail.
Username: your full email address
Password: whatever you set it to in cPanel

Once you log in, you will be presented with 3 webmail interfaces.  You can use any of them, but we recommend Roundcube as it is the easiest and most modern interface.

To set up your email client on your computer (Outlook, etc.), you will need to create a new email account.  You will be asked to choose between POP3 or IMAP.  You can choose either one, depending on how you wish to access your email.  Here’s a short video to explain the differences so you can decide which way you want to go:

OK.. once you’ve decided on which protocol to use, you’ll need the following information to set up your account:

Username:  your full email address
Password: whatever you set it to in cPanel

Your incoming and outgoing mail servers will both need to be set to lion.lionheart.net (all lower case).

Your SMTP (outgoing) mail server will also need to be set to Authenticate, same as incoming (username and password).

Additionally, many Internet Service Providers are now blocking SMTP port 25 (the standard port), which means you can only receive mail, but not send it.  To fix this problem, simply change the SMTP port setting to use 587 instead of 25.  If yours is set to something other than port 25, just leave it and don’t change it.  You’ll need to locate this in your email account settings in your mail program.  Here’s a tutorial on how to set up email accounts in Outlook.

One final note – we have a firewall on the server which prevents “brute force logins” – hackers who repeatedly attempt to break into any server port, including email ports.  After just a few unsuccessful attempts, the IP address of the hacker is temporarily blocked, foiling their attempts.  If they come back later and try repeatedly, their are blocked for a longer period of time, and eventually blacklisted permanently.

If you try guessing at your login and repeatedly fail, your IP address will get temporarily blocked and nobody in your location will be able to access their email until the block expires (about 15-20 minutes) because you look like a hacker to the firewall.  Please don’t try to guess your passwords.  Don’t email us and ask us what your password is, because we don’t track them.  If you need to reset them, log back into cPanel and just reset your password there.  If you find yourself locked out of the firewall and cannot access cPanel, either wait until the block expires, or contact us and we can whitelist your IP and restore access.

Help!!  I’m locked out of cPanel and my email has suddenly stopped working!

Have you or someone at your location tried guessing their password and failed?  If so, it likely that our firewall thought you were a hacker and temporarily blocked your IP address for about 15 minutes.  Just wait 20 minutes and then try again with the proper login.   See the notes in the section above.