About Us

Lionheart.net is a team of highly talented, strategic-minded artists, geeks and marketing gurus who understand that you probably don’t need a website. You need more business, greater exposure in the marketplace, or some specific application programming that will save you time and money.

At Lionheart, we believe strongly in the virtues that once made America great – those of integrity, honesty, liberty, freedom, justice, personal responsibility, and financial rewards for a job well done. We endeavor to keep as many of our vendor dollars here in the USA and avoid the use of offshore help whenever possible.

We refuse to take any projects that violate our code of ethics and morality, and have often turned down what would have been highly lucrative work that we determined to be not in the best interests of family or society as a whole. Our reputation is more important to us than the money we make, and we do all things in the fear of God, who sees all.  We endeavor to treat all of our clients and vendors with honesty, integrity, honor and respect, and as a result, enjoy an extremely high level of customer loyalty and appreciation.

Meet Our Team

Richard Carey is the founder and president of Lionheart. With over 30 years of experience as an IT professional, entrepreneur and business owner, he has just about done it all, from programming to building and fixing computers, vertical market software deployment and support, and building and hosting custom websites. In the past 15 years, Lionheart has helped a broad spectrum of clients take their business online and effectively engage the global marketplace.
Rodger McFarland heads up our Marketing/SEO division.  Rodger is a veritable swiss army knife.  As an avid student of people with a passion for marketing, Rodger knows exactly how to craft the right message for all of our marketing clients.  He is also an accomplished SEO guru who employs a wide variety of ninja techniques to get our SEO clients to the front of the search engines.  He works closely with Rich in the vision, operations and administration of Lionheart and is helping to propel Lionheart to new levels.
Josh Carey has been designing sites since he graduated from high school.  While in college, he served an apprenticeship under Rich (his dad) and has matured into a very capable designer with lots of fresh ideas and a real WordPress guru.  He is an accomplished musician, worship leader, a proud husband and the father of Rich’s first grandson and heir apparent to the Lionheart empire, Sir Asher Jude Carey.
Alan “Alien” Handley has been a Lionheart designer for over 10 years.  He was the first designer to join Lionheart after we relocated to Florida in 1999 and has been a tremendous asset in helping us grow over the years.  Alan’s attention to detail and organization skills are legendary and have are a real blessing, especially to Rich.  Alan is also an accomplished musician and has an affinity for Krispy Kreme donuts, which have a very short shelf life anywhere in his proximity.
Jon Carey is our newest design team member.  He has also served an apprenticeship under Rich and older brother Josh and brings his own unique style and design talent to the team.  He is also a talented musician and sound tech who plays and travels with various well-known bands from time to time and still manages to crank out some unique and fantastic designs along the way.
Patti Carey heads up our accounting department.  She faithfully looks after all the receipts, pays the bills, and helps Rich spend whatever is left over.  When she’s not slaving over the books, she enjoys the culinary arts, listening to music, walking on the beach, and loving on our grandson, Asher Jude.  Without Patti, there would be no Lionheart as Rich would be locked up in a padded room somewhere receiving shock therapy or something.


Lionheart.net is a Brandon Small Business of the Year Award Winner

Lionheart.net is the proud recipient of the Small Business of the Year award from our local Chamber of Commerce. We are very proud of our team, and our achievements and are truly motivated to help others succeed in their dreams and achieve their financial goals.


We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve our valued customers and invite you to become part of the Lionheart family.